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The Basics:




Location:el paso  TX

Sexual Orientation:straight

Sgnifigant Other? Pictures?:nope not anymore


Know that the more you put for these, the better.

Bands:fall out boy, taking back sunday,the early november, the postal service, death cab for cutie, the starting line, the shins,viva vice, butch walker, HIM,afi, the used, blink 182,rancid, drop kick murpheys, rufio, coheed and cambria, anti-flag, bad religion, alkaline trio, sugarcult, yellowcard, the wreckers,tyler hilton, carey brothers, sublime, bob marley, rise against, hawthorne heights, story of the year, my chemical romance, straylight run, mars volta, matchbook romance, midtown, bayside, relient K, Mae, allamerican rejects, bright eyes, incubus, Ashlee Simpson, at the drive in, senses fail, Ryan Cabrera, american hi-fi, tsunami bomb, less than jake, slick shoes, mewithoutyou, cool hand luke, dashboard confessional, sparta, weezer, keane, from autumn to ashes, from first to last, thursday, dynamite boy, thrice, NOFX, MxPx, sterogram, beastie boys,nine days,  ...

Genre(s) of Music:emo,modern,indie....mostly anything but rap ....but some rap is alright...

Songs:carey brothers-blue eyes, open eyes-early november, new american classic-taking back sunday, chicago-fall out boy, the good kind-the wreckers

Books:Speak, Cut, The Shadow Club, Go Ask Alice,

Movies: the notebook, garden state, a walk to remember, uptown girls, mulan rouge, sleeping beauty

Quote:"and ill savor every moment of this"


Know that the more you write, the better

Love:i think love is a shared feeling between two people. its something you cant explain in words, but express in many other ways. Love should never be tampered with, it's forgiving and its something everyone should experience.There is no life without love whether it be with a significant other maybe just family, no one can live without some sort of love in their life, it's essencial. The important thing is connection between two people.

Abortion:I really do not think that abortion is the right way to go. I think that if your not willing to have a baby then protect yourslef or dont do it at all.There are certain circumstances to where abortion might be the only way but there is also adoption.

Pop Culture:Pop culture is a trend now-a-days. It's something to get into, and fit in with peers. Pop Culture is overrated.

Eating Disorders:I think eating disorders are a personal problem that you can't really control most of the time. Sometimes it just happens and you don't even realize and by the you can't stop. Of course they can be so incredibly harmful and lead to death eventually but I honestly do not see how you can at all contol an eating disorder.

Drinking & Drugs:Drinking-there is a time  and place to drink but if you are going to drive dont drink. There is really no reason to be drinking and be on the road. Drugs, I think drugs are useless. They serve no purpose except to enlighten for a few minutes. Enlighten yourself with something else that will last for more that 5 minutes. And maybe something thats even legal. I think that sounds better than getting busted for a few lousy minutes.

Bush:I think Bush could do so much more for our country. For such a great leader I've yet to see the greatness. If he is so great why are we bombing a place that we have no reason to be there anymore. Just bring our troops hoeme for goodness sake! This war could have been avoided in so many ways, with a few negotiations i think we could've been asking the government for 8.5 mil. to go towards education maybe!

Same Sex Marriage:I am totally for same sex  marriage. There is nothing wrong in being into the same sex, t's not like you can control your emotions anyways. If two people have that much love and devotion for eachother why stop them! Let them be who they are and express themselves in whatever way they want.

Finishing Touches

Promote to two places and show the link: http://www.livejournal.com/users/funsize22/    http://www.livejournal.com/users/volleytrooper/ 

Pictures (4-8): 

on the left


left again 

Why should we let you into this community:you should let me in becuase ive never spent this much time to actually fill out an application before. and you know you want to :-P

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Because I love you and you're Traci!!
+ Nice application!
+ Aww, so pretty!
nice application.

well, i think you know what that means..
a little late but...
+++i love everything
your really pretty
hehe thank you ! =D