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Love is like Oxygen


The Basics:

Name: Marissa Masania

Age: 13


Location: Mar Vista

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Signifigant Other? nope

Pictures?: n/a

Favorites Know that the more you put for these, the better.

Bands: Lostprophets, Radiohead, Metric, My Chemical Romance, lil jon, kanye west, ciara, missy eliot, ludacris, scarface, tupac, acdc,the adicts, david bowie, the clash, the ramones,interpol, at the drive in, the shins, jedi mind tricks, the beatles, the aquabats, bjork, bob marley, maroon 5, sublime, greenday, pink floyd, weezer, u2

Genre(s) of Music: rock, punk, rap, hip hop i pretty much like a little of every genres

Songs: capton hampton and the midget pirates, pool party, to the end, cemetary drive, jerk it out, vertigo, back in black, the superman, panic in detroit, jammin, buddy holly, joker in the pack, this love, she will be loved, sunday mornings, welcome to paradise, combat baby, london calling, should i stay or should i go, 1 2 step, get low, lovers and friends, trinity, the bounce, napoleon solo, andy warhol

Books: gossip girls, the series of unfortunate events

Movies: super size me, meet the fockers, meet the parents, men in black, the notebook, napoleon dynamite, mean girls

Quote: never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game

Opinion Know that the more you write, the better

Love: Love can be the greatest thing in the world or the worst It can make people feel like crap or make them feel on top of the world.  Love can be a special bond between good friends or boyfriend/girlfriends.  Love is a very important element of life.

Abortion: I think abortion should only be necessary if a woman is raped or had the baby out of her control.  If you didn't want the baby you should have thought of that before you had sex.  There is also that thing where the baby can be left at the hospital 24 hours after it is born if the baby is not wanted which is very sad

Pop Culture: I think that pop culture is just there.  Its whatever happens.  Its interesting because pop culture is so unique like it never repeats itself

Eating Disorders: I think eating disorders are terrible.  It ruins the whole appearence of the person.  It can seriously effect someones health. Being annerexic and not eating will not get you the proper vitamins that your bofy needs.  Being Beliemic is even worse, throwing up is bad for you for purposly putting that stress on your body can cause other health problems.  Eating Dissorders are not usually born within you they are something that you propose on yourself to some extent.

Drinking & Drugs: I think having a drink once in a while is not bad but consistently is not good at all.  I think that everyone is going to try drugs at one time or another because its out there and people will be curious.  Drugs aren't the best thing for you but once or twice will not kill you

Bush: I think bush  needs to be kicked out.  It seems every time i look on the internet it says something else about him and the news item is usually bad.  He doesnt believe in gay marriages i mean wtf is wrong with 2 people of the same sex loving and caring for each other the answer is nothing it is not going to harm any one else!

Same Sex Marriage: I think same sex marriage should be legal.  There is nothing wrong with same sex couples loving and caring for each other. Gay people loving each other doesn't harm any one in any way. I mean people cant help that they are gay they are born that way.  Its like saying you have brown eyes so you can only marry people with brown eyes its something uncontrolable.  So you are punishing someone for what they are born with which is not right.

Finishing Touches Promote to two places and show the link: http://www.livejournal.com/users/borntobeblond55/2482.html?nc=1


Pictures (4-8): my computer lost my pictures so i will post them in a reply later

Why should we let you into this community: I think Hannah and Olivia should let me join this community because this seems like a good community with cool people and this community seems like it will stay under control.

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