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Love is Like Oxygen


The Basics:

Name: Erica

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Location: Los Angeles

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Signifigant Other? Pictures?: No :(


Know that the more you put for these, the better.

Bands: The Postal Serice//The Beatles//311//Akon//Gwen Stefani//Grateful Dead//and Bowling for Soup

Genre(s) of Music: pop//rock//rap//r&b//and more

Songs: Amber//1985//What you waitin for//and The Distict Sleeps Alone Tonight

Books: Gossip Girl Series//Angus, Thongs, and Full-Frontal Snogging//The Lovely Bones//The Devil Wears Prada (currently reading this book)

Movies: Requiem for a Dream//The Pirates of the Caribbean//Spanglish//Meet the Fockers (1 & 2)

Quote: Don’t judge a books by its cover (I know, its original)


Know that the more you write, the better

Love: Love is something indescribable. It’s something between two people no matter in they’re the same sex or different sexes. It’s the feeling that you know you will be with this special person for the rest of your life. You know that the person that loves you will always love you and care for you.

Abortion: I am for abortion. If a female becomes pregnant, she has the choice of going through with having the baby or not. However, abortion should not be used as a birth control method. Also, I think that if she can support the baby and having the baby won’t effect her job or her life, then she should have it.

Pop Culture: I think that pop culture is stupid. If someone really cool or poular likes somehting, it doesn't that everyone should like it even if they don't. People shouldn't follow others, they should lead themselves. They should like what they want to like, even if it isn't cool. Everyone should have the freedom to like whatever they want to, they should have their own opinions.

Eating Disorders: I thin eating disorders are horrible. Anorexia looks horrible and is so bad for your body. Starving yourself can not be good for you. Bulimia make your teeth look gross, it basically rots your teeth. One of my family members used to be bulimic because she hated her image. In a matter of months, she became grossly skinny and her teeth wee rotting and were gross colors. She finally stopped this and she had to get false teeth because her’s looked so horrible. I am so grateful that she stopped doing.

Drinking & Drugs: You shouldn’t drink and do drugs uncontrollably. Both are horrible for you. But drinking is okay once in a while like on special occasions. I think no one should take drugs ever unless prescribed. About two years ago my brother was diagnosed with cancer and had to use pot for one year to make him get an appetite. When I thin about that now, it seems a little funny, but it really isn’t. My brother could have died without pot (that sounds a little strange, but true). At one point, before he started doing pot, he was skinnier than me because he basically never ate and was constantly natious.

Bush: I personally do not like Bush as our president, but I can’t control this. He makes a lot of stupid decisions. But you have to think about the fact that it is not easy being president. If I was president I would make huge mistakes, thankfully I’m not. Even though it’s hard being president, this is Bush’s second term, he should know how to do his job by now.

Same Sex Marriage: It shouldn’t matter if a person likes and wants to marry the same sex. Just because someone is gay doesn’t mean they are different from anyone else. It’s not like they are aliens, they should have the freedom to marry whomever they want to marry, no matter their sex.

Finishing Touches

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Pictures (4-8):

Why should we let you into this community: You should let me into your community because I am Erica (just kidding). Well, you guys are my friends, and I am very happy that you are. You two give really great advice and I am grateful for your friendship, even though it may not seem like it at times, I really am. I like this community because it is about something that is really great (love). And that’s all.
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