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Love is like Oxygen


The Basics:




Location:los angeles, ca

Sexual Orientation:i love boys. i love to look at them. i love to talk to them. i love to look at them. lol

Significant Other? Pictures?:no but im in a bit of a pickle right now, a pickle of a love triangle.*shrug*

hahah olivia!!!


Know that the more you put for these, the better.

Bands:green day, postal service, death cab for cutie, the dandy warhols, HIM, placebo, feeder, AFI, midtown, brand new, something corporate, maroon 5, the killers, hilary duff(i know i know), ashlee simpson(again i know i know), the shins, travis, offspring, bad religion, say anything, led zeppelin, nickel creek, sumblime, system of a down, red hot chilli peppers, blink-182, the dismemberment plan, eminem, new found glory...more...

Genre(s) of Music:all!! i love everything, im so open to all music types.

Songs:well i go through periods where i listen to one song over and over and right now its bvld. of broken dreams- green day.

Books:ahhh a million i love to read, mostly teen fiction ones im reading the traveling pants 3rd summer at the moment.

Movies:the notebook, (all chick flicks), the pink panther, back to the future 1,2,3, indiana jones 1,2,3, Napoleon dynamite, american pie, american wedding, anchorman, out cold, (all disney movies), etc..

A girl asked a boy if she was pretty.
He said no
She asked him if he wanted to be with her forever.
He said no
She then asked him if he would cry if she walked away.
He again said no.
She had heard too much.
She needed to leave.
As she walked away, he grabbed her arm and told er to stay, he said,
"You're not pretty, your beautiful. I don't want to be with you forever, I need to be with you forever. I wouldn't cry if you walked away, I would die."


Know that the more you write, the better

Love:love...well its hard to explain, i think its something unconditional, u cant help it, u just kind of begin to love someone unconsciously. Love is something everyone says they want, but then it always ends up hurting in the end. So it must be evil in a sense, not only a magical feeling. Love can be the butterflies you get around that certian someone. Or just being able to not feel like you have to wear make-up in front of that certian someone to feel beautiful. It's just plain unexplainable.

Abortion:Woman choice, thats all that needs to be said. Woman are the ones who have to live with the burden of being able to concive a child, we should be able to choose if we would like to keep it or not. Simple as that.

Pop Culture:I get sucked into the tabloids all the time. You cant really help it, it's just interesting to read about celebrities lives. But its just horrible that they have to live with everyone watching them.

Eating Disorders:They're sad. But i dont think its the person fault if they have one or not. Most of the time its all the stress around the person, which is why they get an eating disorder in the first place.

Drinking & Drugs:They're all stupid, but sometimes some peoples only way to escape. Im not saying go ahead and do it, but if the person if safe in the situation in which they drink or do drugs its their decision.

Bush:Omg. Dont even get me started on him. Lets keep this part short so i dont get so rilled up i go and kill. (jk) Well i hate him with passions. He is beyond stupid and ignorant. And hes the worst president weve ever had.

Same Sex Marriage:I cant believe some people are against this, because its just like telling a person to be a certian way and to control them which is so wrong. Same sex marriages should be accepted by all.

Finishing Touches

Promote to two places and show the link:ummm i have to get the thing to promote but i promise i will!!

Pictures (4-8):

im on the right.

im on the left.

hahha i hate when boredom grabs a hold of u.


Why should we let you into this community:You should add me because i love love. I love you! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnndddddddd i really tried on this application!! :D
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