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Love is like oxygen


The Basics:

Name: Hannah

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Location: El Paso, Texas

Sexual Orientation: Straight...I like those boys!

Sgnifigant Other? Pictures?: Not any more...


Know that the more you put for these, the better.

Where do I start...Something Corporate // Foutains of Wayne // George Strait // Kenny Chesney // Garth Brooks // Tobey Keith // Green Day // Dios Malos  // Keane // Mae // Relient K // Nada Surf // Oasis // Ok Go // Red Hot Chili Peppers // Sparta ?? Senses Fail // Sublime // The Early November // Fall Out Boy // The Killers // The Perishers // The Pixies // The Postal Serivce // The Shins // The Used // The Walkmen // Tom Petty // Weezer

Genre(s) of Music: Pretty much everything except r&b, rap, pop, or hip hop...

Songs: The Postal Service-Against All Odds // Zero 7-In the Waiting Line // Dios Malos-You Got Me All Wrong // Kenny Chesney-She Thinks My Tractors Sexy // Keane-Walnut Tree // George Strait-Check Yes or No

Books: Go Ask Alice // Girl Interrupted // A Walk to Remember // The Bean Trees

Movies: The Notebook // Garden State // Pirates of the Caribbean // The Lord of the Rings // Titanic

Quote: "I've decided long ago to never follow in anyones footsteps. Whether I fail, or succeed, at least I did as I believe."


Know that the more you write, the better

Love can be the greatest feeling in the whole world. True love to me is being able to pull through together on anything, even when things get difficult, and knowing that you can trust and have full companion in your partner.

Abortion: I'm pro-choice for abortion. I feel that if a girl gets pregnant, she should have the choice if she wants to keep the child, or not. Although, if you're just using abortion as an alternate birth control, then I go against that. It's wrong to use it as birth control. There are other things out there, so why not use your time wisely and choose that. But on the other hand, I do feel abortion is an option that should be gone over carefully, and is meant for those who can't carry the child for any reason, be it age, medical reasons, anything.

Pop Culture: I have to say it's not my thing. For those who agree with it, then good for you, but you know, not everyone has to go along with everything and everyone else.

Eating Disorders: I have so many close friends with eating disorders. Problems like this can lead to a number of other extreme problems...I think once someone is diagnosed with an eating disorders, they should get the help they need. I know it isn't that easy to get out of it, but it can be done.

Drinking & Drugs: Dugs-.They come off as something great for those who need that "get away", but it's just screwing up your life in every possible way. I'm not going to lie, and say I haven't tried something. I have, before I was aware, and smart, I tried some. It's nothing great. Don't get yourself into it. Drinking-Teenage drinking:..Another thing that can kill you second by second. Although, I'm not completely against teenage drinking, it does, like everything else, have it's deadly flaws. I say it's okay if you have some sort of supervision that knows what they're doing in case that something goes wrong. I hate people who think it's cool to have "one drink" and go out and take a drive somewhere. Idiots who aren't thinking get killed. But once again, when I go out with friends, sometimes I do have a few drinks, or whatever you want to call it.

Bush: Politics...:: rolls eyes :: George Bush has many characteristics I agree with. And also many I disagree with. I believe he is a good president, and has done a lot for our country. I hate people who rag on him for sending our troops off to war. But you had to have known this would have come anyways

Same Sex Marriage: It doesn't bother me at all. I don't understand why some people take it as a threat, but I have absolutely no problem with it. It is their life, and they should have a choice as to what they want to do with it

Finishing Touches

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Hehe, my tummy!

Why should we let you into this community: Because I'm kool like that...and I'll be an active member.


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